Helping You Achieve Your Goals and Transform Your Life…

DSCN4166“My passion is to help you create your own life instead of letting life create YOU!

I’ve managed a speaking business with my husband for over 30 years,  helped our customers and clients market their businesses and achieve success, and raised two children into adulthood! ” 


Accomplishing Any Goal is a Challenging Process

I understand what it’s like working towards a goal or dream and then getting stuck or worse yet letting my dream vanish because the going got tough! What’s amazing is that the more difficult the goal is to achieve, the more sacred it becomes to you, and the more rewarding it is when you achieve it.

Sometimes it’s difficult knowing what you want to do. You realize you’re unhappy…but you’re really not sure what you want to do to improve your life and bring back the smile that’s been missing for awhile.

What I can do is help you target your goals…to develop strategies to focus better and eliminate some of the “bad” habits that have been holding you back. So no matter what your goals may be – whether you want to lose 25 pounds, change your career, or get a relationship back on track, you’ll understand what’s been holding you back, how to overcome these challenges, and how to focus and follow through to get results. It’s not always easy but the rewards are amazing!

I Understand What You’re Going Through

Many years ago, after a failed marriage, and while working a full-time job and taking classes at night, I was able to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts and move from a secretarial position into an advertising and communications career.

Several years later, I joined a Martial Arts School and after much work and effort was promoted to First Degree Black Belt. To do this, I had to overcome physical challenges as well as confidence issues to gain this ranking.

In my early 50s I decided to challenge myself again by participating in triathlons and half marathons. This took a lot of training and effort and while I didn’t win any races, I was able to improve my times and finish with both feet planted firmly on the ground!

And now I’m using this experience and knowledge – seeing what worked and what didn’t work – to help you gain a clearer, easier path to success!

Isn’t it Time to Make Your Goals Reality?

Let me help you achieve your goals and improve your life!

Find out more information about my online goal achievement programs or my personal one-on-one mentor programs. Don’t wait…you could be on a path to personal growth and success today!

More About Me…

I’ve been involved with marketing, communications, and informational learning for over 30 years. I’ve worked with individuals to help them discover The Power APPROACH™ to life and work with eight essential Power Tools™ to achieve a life of purpose and prosperity.

By focusing on the “spiritual” side of business and life, I strive to help you overcome your own limiting beliefs and challenges, and gain the confidence and motivation to achieve personal growth and business success.

For over 20 years, I’ve managed and operated QualityTalk, Inc., a marketing and communications firm, in Wake Forest, NC, along with my husband and business partner, Ron Rosenberg. In this company, I write articles, develop informational learning materials, coordinate the various coaching programs, and manage all facets of the business.

For more information about our speaking, coaching, and online learning programs, contact us at 800-260-0662 or