Celebrate Our Uniqueness!

Many hands together: group of diverse people joining handsWhen tragedy hits, such as the shootings in Orlando, it is completely devastating for the families and friends of the victims who senselessly lost their lives to this insidious act. Beyond that, there are millions of other people who have also been affected by this dreadful violence through mass communication and who grieve and mourn for the victims and their friends and family.

Right now in our country we’re experiencing a divisive fissure that is pitting people against each other because of differences in color, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Yet inside each of us flows the same oxygen-nourishing blood that breathes life into every one of us. We may be different on the outside, but on the inside we all have similar desires…to be loved, to share family experiences, and to enjoy the personal freedoms that allow us to live according to our own values and preferences.

Isn’t it time to put aside our differences and celebrate the uniqueness of our individual spirits? Isn’t it time to be more understanding of our personal differences, whether or not we agree with them?

America was created from a melting pot of people from who came together from different countries, spoke different languages and practiced different customs. The common thread that bound them together was the desire to be free of oppression and to live according to their particular faith and spiritual beliefs without fear of repercussions or violence.

Today, as we begin to come to terms with the grief we feel for those individuals who were struck down because of their differences, let’s make a commitment to be more tolerant and understanding of others. Instead of focusing on what makes us different, let’s celebrate what we share in common – our freedom to be whomever we want to be.

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