Even Your Computer Needs a Reset!

By Lorie Rosenberg

As is my usual style, I was running around the house last weekend like a lunatic because I had arrived home late from a kayaking outing I had spent with Ron. I needed to finish a dessert I was making for some company we were having that evening and I had to get showered and dressed because I had a pedicure scheduled with my daughter for 3:30 that afternoon. Plus I wanted to make sure I printed out coupons so we could get discounts on our pedicures.

I got the dessert finished, the 30-second shower done, my hair blown dry – well almost dry – and I had to get that coupon. So I went to my Firefox browser, got on Google, typed in “Amy Nails” and to my horror the hourglass symbol appears while my computer is thinking about navigating to the site.

I look at my watch as I’m waiting for the the computer and I’ve got to leave in 5 minutes. And my computer is still thinking. The more I punch the keys the more it sits there not responding. It seems to be having a joke at my expense. I try to open another window, same problem. I open Explorer and it just hangs. Finally I give up, because I’ve run out of time. There are a few expletives that are said as I run out of the house!

As I drive to the nail place, totally frustrated and angry with my computer, I try to calm myself down and think rationally about the situation. It’s really not my computer’s fault. I had been using it for several days without restarting it and I probably had about 30 windows open because I hate to close them once I have them on my desktop.

Now that I’m breathing more normally again and have rationalized not having the darn coupons, a thought came to mind. Just like the computer, we all need to periodically close the windows in our mind, get rid of all the clutter that’s bothering us and give our brains a reset.

What does this look like for you? It’s different for everyone. For some it’s exercising, for others it’s reading, meditating, walking, playing with their dog, or gardening; the list is endless. It’s anything that lets you quiet your brain and reset your thoughts. When you do, you’ll be much more productive afterward and you won’t be bogged down in a continual hourglass mode.

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