Have a Little More Faith!

By Lorie Rosenberg

Have a Little More FaithOur daughter, Alyssa, came home from college this past weekend for Easter break. She had about 3 extra days off so it made for a really nice long weekend for her.

As I was doing my grocery shopping on that Friday, I spotted the Easter candy that consumed an entire row in the grocery store. We hadn’t bought her Easter candy in years, but I thought it would be fun to surprise her with a little candy on Easter Sunday.

When both of our children were young they loved Easter, not for the religious aspect of it, but because the Easter bunny visited our house each year.

On Easter Sunday we would secretly hide about 40 or 50 colorful plastic eggs around the yard. They were filled with candy or coins and would rattle when you shook them.

The kids absolutely loved to search for them in the yard. Unfortunately, most of the time, it would end up in a fight. Jason would always find more of the eggs than his little sister and we would make him share his stash, which he hated more than anything.

What was amazing was the look on both of their faces as they were searching for the eggs. What joy and wonder they had. They truly believed that the Easter bunny had left all that candy and money…just for them!

And that’s what faith is all about. It’s belief in something for which there is no proof…it’s complete trust. And with complete trust there can be incredible joy…just as our children believed that the candy and money would be there every Easter.

All of us have faith. We have faith in our loved ones. We have faith that the day will bring sunshine and warmth. We have faith that there will be food on our plate to eat. That faith brings security and comfort!

Some days when life is not going as you’d like and there are troubles at home or with work, we need to stop and reflect on all the good we have. We need to stop worrying and have faith that everything will turn out exactly how it’s supposed to. Because it usually does.

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