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Everyone Needs Rejuvenation

By Lorie Rosenberg

Everyone Needs RejuvenationWe live in a fast-paced world. Computers, e-mail, I-pads, smartphones, and all of the technology and electronic devices we have today are supposed to make our lives easier. It has to an extent. But because of it, we are being asked to do much, much more…with the same amount of time.

People want you to respond quicker and they want answers to their questions NOW, not in a couple of days. All of this has added an enormous amount of stress to your personal and professional lives.

That’s why more...

Food, Mood, Reason…Season!

By Lorie Rosenberg

Food, Mood, Reason…SeasonThis past weekend, Ron and I took a trip up to the mountains of Virginia with some friends of ours. We rented a beautiful home situated on the edge of a mountain with a spectacular vista where you can view the Blue Ridge Mountain range for hundreds of miles. It was great just sitting on the deck and taking in the beautiful scenery.

There were six couples in total and we decided to do a wine tour to four area wineries. One served hard apple cider…a nice flavor, but more...

Embracing Your Defining Moments

By Lorie Rosenberg

Embracing Your Defining MomentsWhen Sue, my roommate in college, and I went to the weight room one evening in May of 1981 to work out (it was something we had never done before) , I never could have imagined the impact that decision would have on the rest of my life.

As we were lifting on the weight machines, a guy came up to Sue and started talking with her (he was a friend of hers and they had a lot of classes together). The guy was rather cute and had more...

Do You Need a Course Correction?

By Lorie Rosenberg

Do You Need a Course CorrectionRon does a lot of traveling in the speaking part of our business. It can be very tiring on him at times when he has a lot of speaking engagements right in a row. Fortunately though, now that the kids are out on their own, it provides the opportunity for me to travel with him when it’s a really nice location he’s traveling to.

So last week Ron was traveling to Florida for two speaking engagements. The first was in Bonita Springs, Florida, near Fort Meyers more...

Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way!

By Lorie Rosenberg

Life is like a roller-coaster ride. One minute you’re up sipping margaritas on the beach and the next minute you’re down having to deal with some type of crisis.

We all have so much to take care of and the demands on us personally and professionally are never-ending. There’s hardly a day that goes by when something happens that you hadn’t planned on and you have a problem or issue to deal with. That’s why when you’re having a good day and it seems like the planets are perfectly aligned, you need to enjoy every minute of it.

Sunday was one of more...

Are You a Rugged Maniac?

By Lorie Rosenberg

Are You a Rugged ManiacYou’re probably asking, “What is a rugged maniac?” Well this past Saturday, my son Jason, my daughter Alyssa, and her boyfriend Kyle, did the “Rugged Maniac” race in Greensboro, NC.

The Rugged Maniac is a 5K race, but not your typical one. It has obstacles with walls, barbed wire, tires, and even a fire pit you have to jump across. Plus, it has lots of mud. The last obstacle is called the “Suicide Slide” and is a structure you have to climb and on the other side more...