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Anything Worthwhile Takes Effort

By Lorie Rosenberg

Anything Worthwhile Takes EffortBonjour! I just got back from a trip to France for 12 days with my friend, Dona Caine-Francis. We have been friends for many years. It was her 60th birthday and she had asked me to celebrate her birthday in France…not a bad place to celebrate a momentous occasion.

Dona has been planning her trip to France for several years. I remember her looking forward to her 60th birthday and saying that for sure she was going to celebrate it in France.

Originally she was going to take more...

Even Your Computer Needs a Reset!

By Lorie Rosenberg

As is my usual style, I was running around the house last weekend like a lunatic because I had arrived home late from a kayaking outing I had spent with Ron. I needed to finish a dessert I was making for some company we were having that evening and I had to get showered and dressed because I had a pedicure scheduled with my daughter for 3:30 that afternoon. Plus I wanted to make sure I printed out coupons so we could get discounts on our pedicures.

I got the dessert finished, the 30-second shower done, my hair blown dry – well more...

Attending to the Small Details

By Lorie Rosenberg

With all the competition you have in business today, it’s absolutely critical that you attend to the smallest of details because sometimes those details can make the difference in whether you keep or lose business.

As Ron always explains, when there’s a tear in a seat on an airplane, it makes you start wondering whether the company maintains its engines in the same fashion.

Let me give you another example. Recently we got assigned a new representative at the printing company that does our print newsletters and advanced strategy audio CDs.

In every email I have sent to my new rep, I more...