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Are You a Worry Wart?

Hand with marker writing the word Don't Worry Be HappyI’ve always said, Worry is a useless emotion.” It does nothing to affect the outcome of a particular trying or worrisome situation. Yet we all do it at one time or another. And some people more than others. Their worrying makes them irritable and irrational, and can even negatively impact their health.

I did a little research on the phrase “worry wart” and found that in its origin referred to a person who annoyed others by worrying loudly and constantly over nearly everything. Their worrying more...

You Can Do Anything!

You Can Do Anything! card with sky backgroundWell you can pretty much do anything you put your mind to. The thing is we don’t give ourselves credit for being able to create! We say that, “Oh, I just can’t do that! I don’t know how.”

Well, as a baby, the first time you tried to walk, you didn’t know how, but you never questioned yourself. You were probably a little fearful and grabbed onto a counter to keep your balance, but you didn’t stop trying. And more...

Dog is God Spelled Backwards

No matter what type of spiritual or religious beliefs you have, there is a somewhat universal moral code of behavior that we try to follow in our daily lives. We believe in love, being kind and thoughtful to others, and forgiving those individuals that have somehow wronged us. Sometimes it’s difficult trying to live up to these standards on a regular basis. We often get angry at others, we get envious or jealous when others have more than us, and sometimes we even say things that are unkind when we’re in a bad mood or feeling stressed.

Dogs, on the other hand, seem to religiously more...

The Death of a Great Santini!

Pat-ConroyLorie Rosenberg and Pat Conroy at a book signing.

I was both sad and deeply disturbed as I was thumbing through People magazine a few weeks ago when I noticed the tiniest mention in the news section that Pat Conroy, award-winning author, had died from pancreatic cancer at age 70.

First of all, Conroy is and probably will be my all-time favorite author and I was saddened by his loss. But I was also incredibly disturbed that this notice took up two small more...

A Little Off the Top!

Pruning a Palm Tree, High UpWe just got back from a much needed vacation in the beautiful and warm state of Florida. We had a few weeks without any speaking engagements, so we decided to take a road trip to Florida to visit some good friends of ours on the west coast.

After that we drove to the east coast to visit my brother and sister-in-law who spend their winters at Ocean Village, a beautiful multi-home community right on the ocean. It has virtually any type of activity you could think of including tennis, more...

Are You a Genius?

Genius child at blackboardHave you ever wanted to be a genius? You know the kind of person that can do amazing things because they were born with an incredible IQ? Wouldn’t it be great to be so smart you could accomplish pretty much anything you want, almost instinctively and with relative ease?

Well according to Thomas Edison, being a genius is not as easy as you might think. In one of his most famous quotes, he stated:


“Genius is one percent more...