Attending to the Small Details

By Lorie Rosenberg

With all the competition you have in business today, it’s absolutely critical that you attend to the smallest of details because sometimes those details can make the difference in whether you keep or lose business.

As Ron always explains, when there’s a tear in a seat on an airplane, it makes you start wondering whether the company maintains its engines in the same fashion.

Let me give you another example. Recently we got assigned a new representative at the printing company that does our print newsletters and advanced strategy audio CDs.

In every email I have sent to my new rep, I have signed it with my name “Lorie.” Plus my full name is in the signature line as well. And in every reply to me I’ve gotten, “Thanks Laurie!”

Well I let it go for awhile, because I thought she would notice her mistake and spell my name correctly in the future. And no one would be the wiser. But then it just got very annoying…because I am the client and I would be appalled if I spelled a client’s name incorrectly.

Now I’m not going to change vendors because this woman can’t spell my name, but it does make me wonder about her attention to detail when it comes to my printing jobs.

Whenever you communicate with someone, you’re making an impression on them, whether it’s in a text, a Facebook message, an email, or heaven forbid…a letter. When you attend to the details, spell correctly, and get the name right, you create a better impression and that translates into everything else you do.


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