Willpower Is Not Enough!

By Lorie Rosenberg

#873Often we are determined to achieve a particular goal or objective, but for one reason or another we lose interest and end up right back where we started. We think that our will is enough to ensure we’ll complete our goals, but unfortunately it’s not enough!

One of the reasons you may fail to achieve your goals is that they are outside of your comfort zone. You have to change ingrained habits and behaviors to achieve them and that can be very difficult. It’s much easier to go back to your normal mode of behavior because it’s feels more comfortable.

But that’s not going to help you make improvements in your life that will move you forward. Your willpower is not enough to get you through. You need the support of the people around you to help you succeed.

If you’re trying to lose weight, if you’re working on getting a degree, or if you’re trying to break into a new career, you need the support of the people around you to encourage you, to help you overcome challenges, and to keep you motivated to complete your goals.

There’s a saying that you’re the sum total of the people you hang around with. So take a look at your family, friends, and peers. Are they helping support your goals and objectives and giving you the encouragement you need to accomplish them?

It takes the support of the people around you to help you succeed in life. You can’t do it alone…so make sure that the people you associate with are there to help you with whatever you’re striving for.

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