Anything Worthwhile Takes Effort

By Lorie Rosenberg

Anything Worthwhile Takes EffortBonjour! I just got back from a trip to France for 12 days with my friend, Dona Caine-Francis. We have been friends for many years. It was her 60th birthday and she had asked me to celebrate her birthday in France…not a bad place to celebrate a momentous occasion.

Dona has been planning her trip to France for several years. I remember her looking forward to her 60th birthday and saying that for sure she was going to celebrate it in France.

Originally she was going to take her children with her but each one, for different reasons, was unable to go with her. And her husband is not a very good traveler so he wasn’t even invited.

As a result, earlier this summer Dona asked me if I would like to go with her since she said she couldn’t think of anyone else she would rather spend the time with. And my wonderful husband, Ron, said go for it!

That’s when the planning really began. Dona got Rick Steve’s book on Provence and read about everywhere she wanted to go. She did all of her research. Then we used his recommendations plus to look up reviews on various hotels and select the ones where we wanted to stay. We then determined when we would need to travel by train, bus and rental car. We looked up attractions we wanted to see and determined what we wanted to do on the trip.

Now that I’m back home, I can reflect on the effort that we put into the planning and how it helped to make our vacation such a wonderful adventure.

We did build in some flexibility into the trip. When we got to the next-to-the-last stop in Buisson in the countryside of southern France, we decided we needed to stay there for another two days because it was just so beautiful. So we cancelled our last hotel and enjoyed two extra days seeing the quaint hill-top villages and vineyards located there.

This same approach is important in your business as well. It’s so important to make detailed plans for the direction of your business, because success comes with a price: it takes a lot of planning and effort.

There are, on the other hand, times when you need to revise and adapt your plans when it makes more sense to do so. The result will totally worth it!


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